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Export Training

Export training

Starting in or having already a broad experience in international business ? We offer for both export training an coaching realizing there is always room for improvement. More export means more profit means more impact!



Export is already daily business but you need that extra step in order to accelerate your international business? In that case our exportcoaching services would be the right solution for your company. We also coach export and/or international sales managers.


Cross Border Ecommerce

Considering a multilingual website or webshop as a means to enter international markets B2B or B2C? Looking for online solutions in the field of international rich content, online payments and logistics fulfilment? We can provide services in setting up an optimised cross border website.


Starters International Business (SIB)

Considering to take your first steps in export business? You have no clue where to begin? In that case the SIB RvO grant would be ideal as it covers 100% costs for an international market scan.


Doing business in....

We live a global economy having a diversity in cultures and languages. Non verbal and verbal communication is critical in international business. In case you want to get prepared in multicultural business environments you can attend to our intercultural courses.

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